Horticultural crops can be extremely profitable if they are produced off season. This leads agricultural companies to seek a higher production in adverse climates

Associated technology

To monitor environmental conditions during productive processes a series of technology systems associated with the greenhouse structure is required.

Among the systems most commonly used are:

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Types of greenhouses

According to the degree of sophistication and the setting’s climate conditions, we offer a large variety of greenhouses for horticultural projects: from the most basic (tunnel and support) to the most technological (polytunnel and glass or venlo greenhouses).

Among the most commonly used greenhouse structures are:

Applications AgroTech

Quality production

Greenhouses with meshes in windows and protected access with antechambers protect crops from external pathogens that would make it mandatory to perform treatments with the consequent waste from plant-protection products; whereby by growing in a greenhouse we can contribute to respect for the environment at the same time as obtain top quality in our products.

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