Who we are

Technological solutions

At Gonvarri AgroTech the watchword is R+D+i talent to devise technological solutions. Our challenge is to sustainably increase agricultural productivity and provide added value to our customers.

Precision agriculture

Precision agriculture refers to a series of strategies and tools that enable optimizing and increasing the quality and productivity of crops.

With the introduction of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, robotics or Artificial Intelligence follow up can be optimized and crop decisions made. Automated and efficient action can be taken.

By means of combining the right technologies, new crop and operation techniques come into being. This boosts production per square metre and minimizes the use of resources

Who we are

R+D+i centre

Our R+D+i centre, Gonvarri MS R&D, is made up of different engineering profiles with a broad ecosystem of collaborators comprised of university research groups, technological sites, innovative companies, clusters, etc. These are for the development of technological, intelligent and sustainable greenhouses, as well as the agrovoltaic and vertical crop business.

The centre has a laboratory greenhouse for the development and validation of solutions under almost-real operative conditions.

Notable projects

Agrofood 0 Emissions

(Scientific Missions of the Principado de Asturias 2022, Spanish Regional Department for Science, Innovation and University).


Increased crop productivity by means of monitoring parameters in digitalized greenhouses (Corporate R+D+i Centres 2020, IDEPA).

Industrial sensory

IoT and artificial intelligence research applied to steel products performance (Corporate R+D+i Research 2020, IDEPA).


Design and development of new WAAM manufacture methods to improve support and bases metallic structures technology for complex uses (Innovative Corporate Groups 2020, Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism).


Technical viability study of advanced sensory application in steel products to monitor behaviour during its service life (Innovative Corporate Groups 2020, Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism).