Equipment and technology

Technology in the form of equipment to monitor environmental crop conditions


One of the most important jobs for suitable crop development is ventilation systems. 

Air renewal is vital to evacuate excess heat and humidity, as well as to renew CO2 ppm values. 

This system can be implemented in two ways: by means of roof and lateral windows (with natural air exchange) or by means of ventilators or extractors (more intense ventilation).

We use recirculation ventilators to help this air exchange and its stratification inside the greenhouse.


At times, growing outside of a crop’s periods or regions requires the installation of a heating system that offers the crop’s required temperature.

Most routine heating:

In both cases the heater group can vary according to type of fuel: gasoil, gas etc…


There are several ways to cool the air inside a greenhouse, from high-pressure fog system installations to lower pressure humidification. The difference is mainly in the size of the fog droplet created. The high-pressure system creates a micro-droplet that evaporates more easily, without reaching the surface of the plant, avoiding disease problems. 

Another very effective system in dry climate regions is the “pad and fans” adiabatic cooling system, which consists of the installation of air extractors that force hot air through a humid wall, generally cellulose panels, cooling it when it meets water.

Climate control and irrigation

Automatism of a greenhouse involves having a controller, which according to the required instructions, automatically regulates the remaining systems and equipment installed in the greenhouse.

Be it a climate monitor, irrigation or both, this system enables obtaining the ideal conditions for our crop.


Screens are installed to reduce the solar radiation that strikes the crop in the event of shade screens or radiation, and maintenance of temperature in the event of thermal or mixed screens.

The special case is comprised of photoperiod or total concealment screens that keep the greenhouse in complete darkness to have an impact on the photoperiod of plants.


The requirement of some crops for solar radiation or the light period necessary so that their vital functions can be performed normally, requires a light intensity or time duration that sometimes we do not have naturally. In these cases, we make up for this deficiency with artificial lighting.


Carbon fertilization is essential if we wish to obtain the highest production yields and optimize all that the crop’s potential has to offer.

There are different systems and methods to provide CO2 in greenhouses, from the most economical such as burners to CO2 circuits for direct contribution in gaseous form.

Other equipment

Dehumidifiers, meteorological stations, treatment equipment, inflatable duo roof, detector systems and security cameras among others, are all examples of additional equipment we can offer in our projects.

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Equipment and technology

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