Irrigation systems

A vital and decisive factor for your crops and the environment.


A top priority

A correct irrigation system provides vital water for crops when needed. This creates a wet bulb in the soil or substrate at the depth of the area of development of absorbing roots.

A water deficiency can attain a critical threshold in the crop as of which its yield is affected and at times with irreversible damage.

Types of irrigation

Conditions for accessibility to water supplies and the characteristics of each crop and its operating system, decide the type of irrigation installation. Among other options we have:

Applications AgroTech

Solutions and services

Gonvarri Agrotech works alongside you on any kind of project from its onset with a tailor-made design up until its implementation with the best solutions on the current market.

We always bear in mind the importance of using the scant water resources, whilst respecting the environment and with some sustainability criteria in accordance with the times in which we live.

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Irrigation systems

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