Sustainability AgroTech

Carbon Neutral

Gonvarri Agrotech is aligned with the Carbon Neutral sustainable project.

Neutral in emissions

Carbon Neutral is the project with which the company aims to meet the demands of the current market and its stakeholders, especially those coming from its main customers, and to achieve the ultimate goal of “being carbon neutral” in two key periods: 2030 and 2050.

Objectives 2030

Scope 1

Reduce 50% of direct emissions

Scope 2

Reduce 100% of emissions from electricity consumption

Scope 3

Set a global reduction target

Objetives 2050

Scope 1

Scope 2

Scope 3

Net zero


We understand sustainability as a model of responsible management and a commitment of ethics, transparency, fairness and collaboration with our stakeholders regardless of where we operate.

Sustainability AgroTech

Carbon Footprint

Traditional agriculture is responsible for 23% of global greenhouse gas emissions. To compensate for global population growth, agriculture must be efficient and productive, without increasing arable land

Chemical product optimization

Factors related to food production by traditional agriculture are responsible for 70% of the loss of biodiversity on the planet.

At Agrotech we are committed to the study and innovation of phytosanitary products and fertilizers that reduce environmental impact.

Use of other resources

Agriculture is the sector that consumes the most water in the world, putting at risk the supply for human consumption and food prices in the near future.