Nurseries are centres aimed for the production and marketing of plants.


Types of nurseries

Nurseries are differentiated by type of plant produced and by the target sector.

Among the systems most commonly used are:

The type of nursery is defined by the plants they produce. Agricultural nurseries grow abundant horticultural and fruit plants; forest plants in general aimed at reforestation; and ornamental plants for gardening and cut flower.


Most common greenhouses

A variety of different structures are used for plant production ranging from sophisticated greenhouses for ornamental horticulture or plants, to simpler structures (in general mesh-house or shade-house for forest plants) that have less requirements for plant production.

So that these work centres lead to quality production, a correct irrigation design and ventilation is important to avoid excess humidity that can damage the state of health.

Productive process of a nursery

Nurseries can cover the entire productive process of plants or merely be dedicated to some specific phases.

Among the different areas according to its process we have:

Each phase has highly varied requirements and, therefore, different facilities to obtain the different conditions, ranging from very closed environments such as germination chambers to more open and ventilated environments such as shade-houses and acclimatization areas.

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