Sustainable agriculture and less water consumption.

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Water saving

Hydroponics is a way to irrigate in which plants are grown without soil with a controlled provision of water and nutrients by means of a fertigation.

Considerable savings in water and fertiliser consumption are obtained from a localized and measured provision of water required by the crop to develop correctly.

One way to grow and irrigate that, albeit requiring a technique, offers the possibility of having more control over the crop, which increases density and production, as well as excellent quality of products.

Types of hydroponics

The way in which the crop’s root system is developed defines the type of hydroponics:

AgroTech products

Automation and control

Hydroponics and the associated fertigation system enables us to control and automate our crop.

Know at all times how much we irrigate, when and with what fertiliser and what amount; as well as monitor plant drainage to find out consumption and be able to adjust irrigation to the state of the crop or climatological variations at each time.

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