Gonvarri AgroTech and Gonvarri Metal Structures R&D participate in the “R&D Day on Steel Production and Transformation”

Last May 10th took place the “R&D Day in Steel Production and Transformation” organized by Polo de Acero at the facilities of the Idonal Technology Center in Aviles, Asturias.

The aim of the conference was to exchange experiences and results around the projects and lines of activity developed by the partners, as well as to transfer the relevance and impact on the business activity around the production and transformation of steel.

Among the companies participating in the session were IDEPA, ArcelorMittal, IDESA, Windar, TSK, Gonvarri and Idonial. Gonvarri presented the new business line Gonvarri AgroTech, specialized in high-tech greenhouses, and Gonvarri MS R&D, the R&D Center of the Metal Structures division.

Polo del Acero is an Innovative Business Group whose purpose is to promote innovation, technological development and applied research in the field of steel, its production, transformation and marketing. Gonvarri, through HIASA, is one of the founding partners.