Gonvarri Agrotech and Hiasa, the steel transformation plant in Asturias, are among the beneficiaries of the 5th edition of IDEPA’s Primas Proof of Concept

In the year 2022, the fifth edition of the Primas Proof of Concept was called to which IDESA TRC and Gonvarri MS R&D adhered, to award 3 awards each.

In the case of the Premiums called by Gonvarri MS R&D, 3 winning projects were chosen from among the participants, which will have the opportunity to develop at Gonvarri Agrotech, responsible for the design, development, supply and construction of integral solutions in high-tech greenhouses, and at Hiasa, its plant in Asturias.

Each award has an individual financial endowment of €30,000 and will help companies in the Asturian region to improve and support innovation through open models financed by public-private instruments.