Flores de san valentin

Your Valentine’s Day flowers come from greenhouses

During the Valentine’s day, the demand for flowers increases, and it is essential to highlight the importance of greenhouse floriculture in meeting expectations and celebrating this special day for lovers. Greenhouses play a key role by allowing precise control of crop environmental conditions, resulting in more efficient and sustainable flower cultivation.

On this romantic day, some of the most common flowers include:

-Carnations: The perfect choice to express love and affection on Valentine’s Day, adding a touch of elegance to this special occasion.

-Red Roses: A classic symbolizing love and passion, and thanks to greenhouse agriculture, we can enjoy fresh and lush species throughout the year.

-Tulips: With a variety of colors, tulips are elegant and express sincere feelings. Greenhouse floriculture ensures a wide range of options to express emotions on this special day.

– Lilies: Elegant and majestic, lilies convey enduring love. Controlled agriculture ensures that these flowers are available in the desired quantity and quality.