What type of greenhouse best suits my project?

In our steadfast commitment to innovation, we presently delve into the distinctions between two of our flagship products: the Tropical Greenhouse and the Gothic Greenhouse 

Adaptive design and structure: Our tropical greenhouse is characterized by a tall structure with fixed roof ventilation that allows us to evacuate the hot air through the roof ventilation, that’s why it is the most suitable solution for tropical climates. Both models have curved roofs that optimize the volume of air to decrease temperature fluctuations around the plants.

Efficient climate control: the gothic greenhouse has automatized ventilations on the roof to open and close according to the climate conditions, therefore this greenhouse is the best solution where the temperature fluctuates between night and day, and summer and winter.

Versatility : Our greenhouses are designed with versatility in mind. The tropical greenhouse can incorporate side and frontal roll-up openings or just be covered with antiinsect nets. The gothic greenhouse can be covered with different materials, from polyethylene film to polycarbonate of different thicknesses to improve thermal insolation, so we can offer the best solution according to the climate conditions and crop demands.

Sustainable energy efficiency: The gothic greenhouse stands out for its energy efficiency, maximizing solar energy capture and reducing operational costs, especially in environments with less favorable temperatures.

At Gonvarri AgroTech, we understand that each region and customer has its own unique challenges and requirements. Therefore, our greenhouses represent customized solutions backed by the latest technology to boost productivity.