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Medicinal Cannabis cultivation in greenhouses surpasses open-air planting

Recent research conducted by our team, based on current studies by experts in medicinal cannabis cultivation and production, reveals astonishing data that has the potential to change production trends in the industry.

The advantages of intensive greenhouse cultivation significantly outweigh traditional open-field planting, offering a series of compelling benefits. From the increased number of harvests per year to precise control of climatic conditions, it is the latter aspect that stands out as the most transformative.


The advantages of greenhouse cultivation are varied and include:

Multiple Harvests: Greenhouses allow for an impressive 4 to 6 harvests per year, providing a constant and abundant supply.

Light Control: By using natural and artificial light simultaneously, greenhouse growers can adjust the light spectrum to optimize plant growth.

Regulated Cultivation: Through the use of substrates and hydroponics, growth conditions can be meticulously regulated, ensuring the optimal delivery of nutrients to the plants.

Higher Density: Greenhouses enable significantly higher crop density, up to four times more than open fields, maximizing space utilization.

Exceptional Yields: Yields in greenhouses are impressive, up to 12 times higher than in open fields, promising a bountiful harvest.

Climate Independence: With a closed structure, greenhouse cultivation is immune to external weather fluctuations, ensuring consistency throughout the year.

Controlled Conditions: The indoor environment, including temperature, light, humidity, and more, can be precisely controlled for optimal plant growth.

Reduced Pest Impact: Greenhouses experience fewer pest and disease incidents, reducing the need for chemical interventions.


Sustainable and Profitable

The ability to produce high-quality crops year-round while maintaining strict quality control and reducing risks related to external factors makes this approach a game-changer for the industry.


The world of medicinal cannabis is evolving, and greenhouse cultivation is at the forefront of this transformation. This improvement opportunity opens up new prospects for growers and promises a brighter and more prosperous future for the medicinal cannabis industry through greenhouse cultivation.