Intelligent climate screens to enhance your greenhouse cultivation

In the agriculture and horticulture industry, precise environmental control is essential for the success of crops. At Gonvarri Agrotech, we are dedicated to innovation and excellence in agriculture, which is why we offer a range of state-of-the-art greenhouse solutions. In this blog, we invite you to discover how our advanced intelligent climate screens can take your crops to a whole new level, maximizing production and ensuring quality season after season.


Boost productivity with energy-saving screens

Constant temperature fluctuations can pose a continuous challenge in agriculture. Our energy-saving screens are designed to retain heat when needed, preventing your crops from suffering the consequences of extremely low temperatures. This translates to significant savings in heating costs while ensuring your plants grow under optimal conditions.

The art of controlled shade

Excessive sunlight can be detrimental to many crops, especially during the summer months. Our shading screens reflect direct solar radiation, providing optimal shading and reducing the temperature inside the greenhouse. This not only enhances plant comfort but also optimizes production by avoiding thermal stress.

Mixed screens: The best of both worlds

Our combination screens offer the best of both worlds by providing energy savings and shading. During the day, they provide the necessary shade to protect your crops, and during the night, they retain accumulated heat. This ensures constant thermal stability and precise environmental control in your greenhouse.

Total control of light and humidity

Our intelligent climate screens allow for detailed control of brightness, temperature, and humidity. This results in an optimal environment for your crop’s growth, reducing condensation and preventing abrupt temperature changes that could negatively impact plants.

Multiple applications, countless benefits

Whether in intensive cultivation greenhouses, nurseries, ornamental crops, or agricultural operations, our intelligent climate screens adapt to a wide range of needs. They are also ideal for controlling the photoperiod in specific crops that require controlled light schedules.

If you are ready to take your production to the next level, do not hesitate to explore our greenhouse solutions.