Impacto del hielo en nuestros invernaderos

How to mitigate the impact of ice on our crops

Ice can have devastating consequences on our crops. Low temperatures can negatively affect crop health, compromising their yield and quality.

The solution is simple: Greenhouses for an optimal control.

In this context, greenhouses emerge as an essential way to ensure a controlled and protected environment for our crops. Offering a shelter against harsh weather conditions, they allow farmers to keep ideal growth conditions, even in the coldest seasons.

And how do they achieve this?

  • Automation sensors and controlled ventilation systems
  • Inflable roof
  • Thermal screens
  • Air or water heating systems (tuberail)

At Gonvarri AgroTech, we believe that introduce technology in greenhouses not only protects our crops but also contributes to the creation of more resilient and productive agricultural systems.