turnkey projects

What does it mean to be specialized in turnkey greenhouse projects?

Delivering a turnkey greenhouse project involves designing and supplying physical structures that fit the costumer’s space, cultivation, and budget requirements, as well as preparing everything for its commissioning. To achieve this, our team works closely together from day one:

  • The sales team, along with the engineering team, conducts thorough feasibility studies.
  • Once the project is underway, the installation and assembly teams, led by the project manager, closely supervise each stage of the installation process to ensure that deadlines and agreed specifications are met.
  •  This level of support is crucial for project success and can be extended upon request.

At Gonvarri AgroTech, we understand that developing bespoke, turnkey projects involves a meticulous and time-consuming process, but we are convinced that this long-term investment translates into tangible short-term benefits.