What does it mean to be specialized in turnkey greenhouse projects?

turnkey projects

Delivering a turnkey greenhouse project involves designing and supplying physical structures that fit the costumer’s space, cultivation, and budget requirements, as well as preparing everything for its commissioning. To achieve this, our team works closely together from day one: The sales team, along with the engineering team, conducts thorough feasibility studies. Once the project is […]

Are drip irrigation systems a good solution for greenhouses?

In our continuous quest for innovation and efficiency in agriculture, at Gonvarri AgroTech, we take pride in offering advanced solutions to optimize greenhouse cultivation. Today, we focus on drip irrigation systems, a technology that is revolutionizing the way water is used in protected agriculture. What are drip irrigation systems and how do they work? Drip irrigation […]

Hydroponics vs. Conventional Methods: Which cultivation method reigns supreme?


At Gonvarri AgroTech, we strive to provide relevant information and useful solutions regarding the latest agricultural trends. Today, we aim to share a comparison between two cultivation methods: hydroponic greenhouse farming and conventional greenhouse farming. Both methods have their advantages and challenges, and understanding the differences between them can assist you in making more informed […]

Your Valentine’s Day flowers come from greenhouses

Flores de san valentin

During the Valentine’s day, the demand for flowers increases, and it is essential to highlight the importance of greenhouse floriculture in meeting expectations and celebrating this special day for lovers. Greenhouses play a key role by allowing precise control of crop environmental conditions, resulting in more efficient and sustainable flower cultivation. On this romantic day, […]

What type of greenhouse best suits my project?

In our steadfast commitment to innovation, we presently delve into the distinctions between two of our flagship products: the Tropical Greenhouse and the Gothic Greenhouse  Adaptive design and structure: Our tropical greenhouse is characterized by a tall structure with fixed roof ventilation that allows us to evacuate the hot air through the roof ventilation, that’s […]

Why choose polycarbonate greenhouses

Gonvarri AgroTech recently handled the supply of a polycarbonate gothic greenhouse for an agricultural project in Spain. This supply, like any other involving polycarbonate greenhouses, required extra care to ensure functionality and durability. From the intensive care in the materials preparation process to installation on the necessary structural frames for secure fixation. This attention is […]

How to mitigate the impact of ice on our crops

Impacto del hielo en nuestros invernaderos

Ice can have devastating consequences on our crops. Low temperatures can negatively affect crop health, compromising their yield and quality. The solution is simple: Greenhouses for an optimal control. In this context, greenhouses emerge as an essential way to ensure a controlled and protected environment for our crops. Offering a shelter against harsh weather conditions, […]

Intelligent climate screens to enhance your greenhouse cultivation

In the agriculture and horticulture industry, precise environmental control is essential for the success of crops. At Gonvarri Agrotech, we are dedicated to innovation and excellence in agriculture, which is why we offer a range of state-of-the-art greenhouse solutions. In this blog, we invite you to discover how our advanced intelligent climate screens can take […]

Medicinal Cannabis cultivation in greenhouses surpasses open-air planting

cannabis medicinal

Recent research conducted by our team, based on current studies by experts in medicinal cannabis cultivation and production, reveals astonishing data that has the potential to change production trends in the industry. The advantages of intensive greenhouse cultivation significantly outweigh traditional open-field planting, offering a series of compelling benefits. From the increased number of harvests […]

Bumblebees for pollination and pest control in our greenhouses

bumplebee on our greenhouse

In the exciting world of agriculture, the quest for sustainable and efficient solutions to maximize crop production is an ongoing priority. One of the most fascinating and environmentally friendly approaches that has emerged in recent years is the artificial introduction of bumblebees into greenhouses for crop pollination, along with the incorporation of beneficial insects for […]